Monday, March 14, 2016

On  Friday we went to Orere Point on the bus.

We made a sand castle.  O'oku, West

We went up the steps to play a game. J'Navieve

We were in groups and we went for a swim.  Drevahn

I liked to find some sand to make my castle. J'Navieve

A lot of us went to sleep on the way home.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 and the Haka Continues...

Right back in August last year, Whaea Tania came to visit and videoed us doing the Haka.  Today, Whaea Tania visited again and Phoenix remembered that she had videoed the Haka. Phoenix was keen as to lead the Haka again, especially so Tania could video it and share it on the class blog. Everyone wanted to watch themselves in action straight away! We are all Kapa Haka stars at Kereru Park Campus.

Can you guess where we are going on Friday?

This term we are learning all about the Rocky Shore and the habitats of the creatures who live on the rocky shore. Check out our stories and see if you can guess where we are going on Friday and how we are getting there.

Where can we write?

We are learning about all of the different places that we can write.  As part of our writing today we created pictures of the places we could write.  Can you think of any other places that we could practice our writing?