Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dodging Balls with Youth Town @ Kereru Park

Sharing our Math Strategies

I am doing my math. I am doing adding and taking away. I am learning to hold the big number in my head and add on another number. For the take away I used counters to help me with my thinking. I had 8 counters and I had to work out how many to take away to get 6. I took away 2 counters and I had 6.
By Nikki-Lee

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Our Kapa Haka Stories

Following on from our Kapa Haka performance and viewing it on the big screen, some of us decided to write our stories about doing the Kapa Haka with our friends.

Ronald MCDonald came to our school!

Ronald McDonald came to our school to help us learn how to cross the road safely, and to put our seatbelts on when we are in the car. Make it CLICK!

Kapa Haka Stars

Look at our boys doing an awesome haka. Aren't they fantastic?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Creating Zoos in Room 1

We are very excited about our upcoming trip to the Auckland Zoo. We are thinking about what animals we will see at the Zoo. 'Whaea, can you take a picture of my Zoo please' said Chainvir.

Snakes and ladders

Handwriting Experts

We have been practising our lower case and capital A's. We wanted to share our handwriting on the class blog.